Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay, this is the real beginning

Living where I live, there is not too much jazz that can be heard other than through the records or other mediums through which music seeps into our souls. However, there is one particular band that I would like to highlight. The Ambassadors.
This band, though unknown to many, has wrenched my heart several times, swinging through the ages and bringing the oldies into the here and now. They are a wedding, birthday, and, well, just about everything band with little credit and no website, which makes me nearly as sad as the fact that I have few chances to see them play. Michael Letovsky (alto saxophone), who is a band director at Hartland High School, sheds the layers in his mind, inspiring dancers to come onto the floor, even if they can't identify the dance required.
As he swings and sways, the trumpet in first chair, who just so happens to be his wife and the choir director at Hartland High School, pairs up rhythm and passion, painting a picture with her muted trumpet and supporting her husband all the way. She may, perhaps, have the sweetest sounding bell I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in person. I'm hoping she doesn't mind my mentioning her, but spread the news! The Ambassadors are coming to town!