Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beginnings of this blog

It's time to begin this blog about jazz, Big Band, Dixieland, maybe a little bebop (which Benny Goodman should have never flirted with). Before I truly begin, however, I must say that I have no idea why you would be reading this blog when you can read the blogs by Michael Steinman and Michael McQuaid. Too many Michaels. But a word to the wise, Michael McQuaid does not post every day, or nearly every day, as Steinman does.
Michael Steinman's blog:
Michael McQuaid's blog:

I must refer you to these two masters of the jazz blogging game.

Now, with those comments out of the way, YouTube will be required to see the videos on Michael Steinman's blog. Or if you'd rather see the love of jazz in action, live, please go to the Ear Inn (326 Spring Street, Soho, New York City), on Sundays from about 7-11pm. Michael will be easy enough to spot. Big floral pattern Hawaiian shirt, with a camera obscuring half of his face. He's usually in a dark corner, right next to the band. Please go talk to him. He's the genius of words, a truly remarkable jazz critic. Just when you talk to him, please don't do it too loudly.

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