Friday, January 21, 2011

Benny Goodman

Everyone who ever enters this blog, whether they meant to or not, should know that I'm a Goodman FANATIC!!!!!!!! This man truly deserves all the attention he recieves. I was recently listening to his song POOR BUTTERFLY, a balanced combination of "classical" style music and the beauty of jazz. His clarinet soared through the string section with a lilt and a wave, creating the scene of a meadow of butterflies and flowers and a dancing girl. Though I wasn't alive at the time that any of my favorite artists were, their music brings me back, almost allowing me to reminisce about the past. My favorite saying is sighed as I hum the tune as best I can: "I was born in the wrong generation."
It's a simplistic thing to say, but it's also one of the most powerful motivators in this puny life. The remembrance of the original artists who formed the very base of the jazz today is my main mission. Many times, the only person that anyone in my generation has ever heard of is Frank Sinatra. This makes my heart fall. What happened to the world, to not even know the names of Les Brown or Glenn Miller? My fellow jazz aficionados: thank you. This is why I refer all who ever discover my blog to those from whom I am still learning: Michael Steinman, Michael McQuaid, and the man who calls himself Perfesser M. Figg.
I hope these men don't disapprove of my redirecting all web surfers to them.

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